What is Restoration:

Filling, inlay, onlay, partial crown & full crown.

Why Restoration? 

There are many reasons a tooth might need filling, such as bacterial infection inside tooth toothbrush abrasion, preventive sealing fracture, post root canal treatment, etc. When the problem is small, it is easy to fix less destructive to the tooth. The filling tooth normally will have a very long lifetime. If the small problem is not fixed, it won’t go away, it will only get worse. Sometimes it takes a while; sometimes it can be very quick, and then the costs of fixing will increase, the lifetime of the restoration won’t be as good as when the problem is small.

Our Restoration:

We are the biomimetic dentist; we strive to preserve as much your tooth as possible. We use ozone gas to kill bacteria indeed by cutting away all the infected tooth structure. We use cerec to provide our patient inlay, onlay or partial crown, which is much less destructive than a full crown. And you only need one appointment, instead of 2 or more appointment with very uncomfortable impression temporary crown and sensitive tooth before the finally crown delivery.  We have a laser to grow your tooth supporting bone, instead of cutting your gum away and expose more sensitive tooth, which is the traditional way to solve severe gum problem. As a result, you have more tooth structure remaining and the tooth & restoration will last much longer.


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