TMJ & TMD headache Treatment

TMJ &  TMD headache Treatment

  • Do you have head and neck pain?
  • Do you have ear-ringing or pain?
  • Do you suffer from a chronic migraine?
  • Do you have short, worn out teeth?

Discover the hidden causes of your chronic pain

These could be the signs and symptoms of a disharmony of the muscle, nerve, and ligament that surround the head, neck, and jaw. This disharmony leads to the inflammation and chronic stress of the surrounding tissue, which can cause a headache, neck pain, chronic migraine…

Achieve safe and lasting treatment from the doctors who understand your pain

Finding the harmony between your muscle, nerve, and ligament that surrounds the head, neck, and jaw is critical. It is important to find an occlusion or bite that address all these issues. If we only treat the teeth without addressing the muscle disharmony, the restorations won’t last and the pain will still be there. Here in our office, we have advanced technologies and detailed treatment plans to find out the cause of the pain and treat you from the root of the disease. This is also called the Physiologic Dentistry! Ask us more information if you are interested or if you think your friends andfamily members could benefit from this kind of treatment!


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