Ozone Gas Therapy

What is Ozone?

Ozone or trioxygen is a strong inorganic oxidant. It can be formed and exist in our atmosphere as a layer to block most ultraviolet light from entering. Because it is such a strong oxidant, it can instantly break carbon double bonds killing bacterial, virus and even prions that cause Mad Cow Disease without giving any bugs a chance to produce any possible resistance.

Ozone in our practice:

Ozone to reverse caries: Instead of cutting and drilling all your infected tooth structure away, we can keep the infected but structurally still intact tooth structure and use ozone gas to kill the bugs inside and give the tooth a chance to re¬mineralize. This makes a big difference when you have a huge caries infection. It can tilt the balance of filling vs. root canal treatment and made it more favorable to do just filling and less needed to treat the root canal. As a result, you just saved thousands of dollars for root canal treatment and crown treatment and kept your tooth alive. It is like in modern medicine, that when you have gangrene infection in your arm, instead of amputating your arm, we use medicine to kill the bugs and reverse the disease.

Ozone also treats gum disease:

Same theory, by killing the bugs that cause gum disease, we give our body a chance to heal by itself. We use ozone oil in scaling and root planning patients to give them a better recovery. The gum heals better, and the disease is less likely to return compare to regular scaling and root planning without ozone oil treatment. It is also great to prevent implantitis, which is an infection around an implant and can cause the implant to become loose and fall out.

Ozone gas and oil treating oral virus infection and aphthous ulcer: For oral virus infection, such as a human simplex virus, or just regular ulcer, if treated early, it can prevent the outbreak. When it is already started, with ozone treatment, it will dramatically decrease the recurrence rate and make the healing much faster and less painful.

Ozone Treatment : Bone healing with ozone treatment and SRP



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